What is coming your way in 2016?

What will be the inspiration for decor regarding colours, materials and accessories in 2016?

Let us help curb your curiosity with some intelligent guesses and ideas the professionals in the design and decor industry have regarding the upcoming trends in the coming year.

Let us have a look at these rounded up trends to keep you on track for the decorating task ahead:

Limelight stays on Hand Made Products in 2016

Expected Trends in 2016

Interior design by joannatrading.com

Popularity of hand made products is expected to grow even more in 2016 as more and more handmade artwork is expected to be incorporated as a part of interior in the coming year.

Get involved in making your own few statement pieces or get your hands on products that are hand-loomed or hand-crafted using 100% natural fibres and materials and shaped up in organic designs and shapes to follow the trend in 2016. With a special emphasis on natural shapes and materials, accessories like hand-crafted pottery, hand painted furniture and hand woven textiles and rugs will form an important part of any décor.

You can look for local artisans to get hands on good handmade pieces for less. Many online shops today also sell handmade products for the customers worldwide.

Do Practical Space Saving Solutions still stay on the top in 2016?

Expected Trends in 2016

Image by thecanvasprints.co.uk

For this reason, space saving and efficient space solutions will remain a prominent area of focus during 2016 and many years to come.

Space saving ideas will be implemented when designing furniture for small spaces to keep the interior bright and interesting. According to myinteriorideas.co.uk, the use of multi-function furniture to increase storage, e.g. a bed with under drawers or a system that can be lifted up when not in use, can be great ideas for a small spaced bedroom. Intelligent solutions like using Acrylic furniture and chairs will also help create an illusion of space.

Colours that will top the chart in 2016

Expected Trends in 2016

Above interior by our favourite interior designer AliDad

Blue-greens are sure to trend in 2016. Go wild with teals, aqua and emerald. Pair up Peacock Blue with other colours to enhance your mood and décor in 2016.From wall colour to accessories, these colours paired with metallic accents and accessories will give a complete look to your interior. So, get ready to brighten up your interior with a colour splash!

Indulge into Metals and Metallic Colours

Expected Trends in 2016

Interior design by oliverburns

Metals are here to stay and maintain their existing position in interior décor in 2016 also.  Sparkling and shimmering metallic colours in textiles and accessories will surely add glitter and glam to the interior. Twinkling and glittering cushions and vases can be a great addition in this context.

Copper, bronze and rose tones will also top up the choice in metal finishes and as choice of shades for the interior. From pots of plants to light fixtures and décor items, these colours will add class and beauty to the interior.

Back to Nature in 2016

Expected Trends in 2016

Interior design by dmackiedesign

Interiors are going back to nature and fresh green plants are everywhere in 2016. From small table-gardens to an artistically placed beautiful groupings of pots on a table, be generous on greens.Balance these fresh plants with the enchanting ‘aquatic and botanical’ theme for a beautiful look as Aquatic Colours and Botanical Elements will keep inspiring the colour palette and furniture designs in 2016.

Add Fresh plants and herbs to your interior along with images of the wild, life in a jungle in Africa or sea life on walls along with large digital wallpapers of environmental landscapes to cover the entire walls will bring nature into your daily life.

 Addition of Strategic Pop of Colours Still Expected to trend in 2016

The old idea of making bold statements with bright colours is now obsolete as 2016 opens doors for ‘strategic addition of bright colours to the interior’. Strategic addition of colours allows the base pallet to remain neutral with the addition of a few carefully selected colours’ accessories, curtains trims or furniture pieces here and there.

Expected Trends in 2016

Interior design by cliftoninteriors.com

Use neutral colours as the base and warm colours to highlight the focal points. Light coloured walls can be complemented with dark coloured furniture or curtains. You can also keep the base in neutral colour through out the room and then break the monotony of neutral colours with colourful vases or any other accessory.