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13 Chic Boho Hairstyles Must Try This Summer

20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer

Hi boho chic girls!

Need some hair inspiration?
Are you the type of girl who loves boho chic hairstyle messy,perfect boho updo,lovely brides or boho ponytail with fishtail braid? Must try all this summer!
Festival season is in full swing, as is summer with bohemian and hippie influences,boho chic is is all about looking individual and natural. Boho hairstyle is so romantic and trendy perfect for hottest season.

To give you an idea of what styles work best for the hottest season we prepare 13 Chic Boho Hairstyles Must Try This Summer for relaxed and bohemian look!

Crown braid with pony

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20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer

Messy braid

20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer 2

Gorgeous boho side braid.

20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer 3

Braids and Waves – perfect festival hair!

20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer 4

Boho Chic

20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer 5

Awesome boho undercut design

20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer 6

Boho feathers

20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer 7

Braided hair crown with delicate floral vines

20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer 8

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Accessorize Your Braid

20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer 920-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer 10

Festival boho hairstyle

20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer 11

20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer 13

Short hair and brides

20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer 14

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How To Wear A Hat: Chic Outfits


So many hats and only one head 😉 Hat – one of the most trendy CHIC accessory to style your look!
Hat can be added to just about any look whether a casual look, on the beach for summer or those lazy days when you don’t feel like dressing up, or an elegant look.
They are worn all year during all season and many occasions.Trends will come and go, but some things never go out of style. If there is one thing that never goes out of style, it’s a great looking hat.
Perfect for when you’re having a bad hair day. Just add one on your head and bad hair day fixed and outfit complete!

Whenever you wear your hat, your day will be special  😉

                    Here are a few outfit ideas on how to wear a hat:

my chic adventure

1. Retro Chic

Pairing retro palazzo pants with a platform sandals,black t-shirt and hat is a perfect retro chic look.



Perfect outfits for an everyday look.By adding a hat you can change the look of the casual outfit. Black on Black for spring! It can work.For a true rocker look, pair your white tee with leather jacket and great hat.

how to wear a hathat-outfithow-to-wear-hat



Without the Hat for the Office. With the hat between meetings on the street.



4.On the beach

Floppy hat, white shirt and fun shorts! The best beach hats are floppy hats that covers your face from the sun.

5. Boho chic – festival style

Just can’t imagine boho chic festival style without hat. I love everything about boho chic outfit – the headbands,the boots,shorts,jewelry,and my favorite boho item – hat!

music-festival-street-styleShop For Cute Dresses At LuLu*s



BOHO CHIC BOOTS DIY boho chic diy fashionHi chic girls!It’s DIY time.Boho Boots diy. Boho is my favourite summer’s style, I love everything about boho outfit – the headbands,the long flowy dresses,jewelry,and my favourite boho item -boho boots! The best thing about boho boots is that you can diy your old boots and make them cool boho chic boots perfect for your summer or music festival outfit!

You can also use thrifted cowboy boots,all you need is old boots,various belts(vintage or new),strong glue,ribbons,cotton t-shirt scraps,feders etc.- you can use anything you like just relax and be creative!



Must Have Items For Boho Chic Style

Must Have Items For Boho Chic Style

Must Have Items For Boho Chic Style


It’s summer it’s perfect time for boho chic style which I personally love for the summertime as it’s comfortable,easy to wear and chic.So I made a list a few essential boho chic pieces for all you boho lovers! You can achieve a chic bohemian style – combination of ethnic, rock and gypsy details, and look stunning with the right mix of items.Discover the key elements of achieving a chic bohemian fashion style below!

#Printed Maxi Dress

Nature-inspired or geometric print with chunky jewelry and sandals perfect boho chic outfit!

follow me / make your ownLYST



#Boho Boots Cowboy

Boho boots loose around the ankles perfect for wearing with both shorter skirts and skinny jeans. This is my favorite boho chic item,I’m planning to DIY my old boots and make them boho chic boots! Boho Boots   #Chic Accessories

Hippie headbands,Flower Crown,Hairbands,Turbands so cute. You can even do it yourself!

Boho Chic Hair Accessories

#Flared jeans and vests

This is so 70s,high-waisted hippie jeans and vests look fantastic-very hippie-chic!


Flared Jeans and Vests

#Tunic tops and Blouses

 Add a vest, jeans,platform sandals,earthy jewelry and you’re ready to go!


Boho Chic-Tunic tops and Blouses#Bohemian jewelry,Hat and Oversized sunglasses

The more unique, the better! Jewelry made from natural elements like wood, coral,or suede statement necklace,a floopy brimmed hat and oversizes sunglasses – perfect boho chic girl!

Bohemian Style

Do you like boho style? What pieces out of these do you like? 

What Do You Think?


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