12 Chic Headboard Ideas

Diy-Headboard- Ideas

There’s no better way to turn your bedroom into a stylish place than with chic headboard.This artwork above the bed come in all shapes and sizes and give any basic bedroom unique look.

There are thousands of headboards available to buy with different designs,sizes,and fabrics but if you want to have an original headboard, then you need to make your very own headboard. A headboard that reflects your personal taste and style.

I’m so glad there are so many incredible DIY headboard ideas out there, If you want to get some chic original and unique DIY headboard ideas, then here some to inspire you– just choose the one that works best for you!

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Diy-Headboard- Ideas

Diy-Headboard- Ideas.2Diy-Headboard- Ideas 3Diy-Headboard- Ideas 4Diy-Headboard- Ideas 5Diy-Headboard- Ideas 6Diy-Headboard- Ideas 7Diy-Headboard- Ideas12chic headboardDiy-Headboard- Ideas 9Diy-Headboard- Ideas 10
                         IMAGE VIA desiretoinspire.net
Diy-Headboard- Ideas 11
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5 Hairstyles for Dirty Hair


Did you know that greasy hair is actually the best hair base to use for chic up styles?

Well the truth is we don’t always have the time to wash our hair. Dirty hair is good for one thing, at least. It’s amazing for creating trendy hairstyles.

Freshly washed squeaky clean hair is not the easiest to work with,it is soft and styles can fall out of it easily.So relax and give your hair a day off and  and just try these quick and easy hairstyles.
Here are some great hairstyles you can make second-day hair look totally chic in less than ten minutes.


1.The Braid – For Long Hair with Bangs

This style is great for girls with long hair of any type or texture.
Braids were made for dirty hair. The texture holds perfectly – if your hair isn’t dirty, it’s too soft to hold it. Just wash your bangs and you’ll get super hot dirty hair look.dirty-hair-braided-hairstyles
2.Messy Ponytail

This super cute style is as easy as it gets.

Love this pony for everyday look and even for the party.
Add some add some texture powder,follow this steps and you’ll get some super chic ponytail.
hairstyles-for-dirty-hair 2
source/ thebeautydepartment.com

Messy Bun

Messy bun is definitely my favorite hairstyle for dirty hair.I recommend this to anyone with oily hair or normal hair,If you have super oily hair spray a thin layer of dry shampoo at your roots and work it in with your fingers. I don’t wash my hair every day, so dry shampoo is my savior!
hairstyles-for-dirty-hair 3


This is a perfect hairstyle for dirty hair because unwashed strands hold curls longer than squeaky-clean ones.
hairstyles-for-dirty-hair 4
image via barefootblonde.com
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High-Waisted Pants Otfits

high- waisted- pants-outfit-style-inspiration

Why is it that fashion trends from 20 years ago always come back into style? Yes,this means the ’90s are coming back in fashion industry and you can fulfill your desire for high-waisted pants.

The fashion industry has spoken: The 90s are back! So,today’s style inspiration are high-waisted pants.You can never go wrong with them – your favorite high-waisted pants you can mix and match with cropped top,high heels for the chic daytime outfit.

It’s time to update your wardrobe with a staple pair of high-waisted pants.

Here are some easy-to-recreate high-waisted pants outfit ideas!

 Style Inspiration

High-Waisted Pants high-waisted-pants-outfithigh-waisted pants-outfithigh-waisted pants-outfit. 2
mage via stylepantry.com




high-waisted-pants-outfit 2





Shabby Chic Porch Ideas


Shabby-Chic-Porch-IDEAS 11

Hello shabby fans! When spring rolls around it’s a great time to update your porch look!

Looking for inspiration for your adorable springtime chabby porch? There is no better way to spend your free time than swinging on your porch drinking coffee while reading some great book.

There’s so many beautiful shabby chic porch ideas It’s really hard for me to pick my favorite.
Here are some great ideas to inspire you to decorate your shabby chic porch!

I hope you enjoy and find inspiration for your home 🙂
When it comes to chic,it’s always shabby chic!
my chic adventure
Shabby-Chic-Porch-IdeasShabby-Chic-Porch-Ideas 2Shabby-Chic-Porch-Ideas 3
                                images via / pinterest
Shabby-Chic-Porch-Ideas 4
                          image via/shabbychictreasures.blogspot.com
Shabby-Chic-Porch-Ideas5Shabby-Chic-Porch-Ideas 6
                                   image via/ shelterness.com
Shabby-Chic-Porch-Ideas 7Shabby-Chic-Porch-Ideas 8Shabby-Chic-Porch-Ideas 9
       image via/anotherstayhomemommyblog.blogspot.comShabby-Chic-Porch-Ideas 10be inspired

Best Free WordPress Plugins




There are tons of amazing free plugins on the WordPress but not all of them are very useful.

It’s amazing how a WordPress Plugin can make such an improvement to a site and save you so much time.

Having used many of WordPress plugins myself, I’ve narrowed the list down to the 10 best WordPress Plugins – and these are the tried-and-true favorites.

Here are the best free WordPress plugins which are strongly recommended for your WordPress site. I’ve really enjoyed them and I hope you will too.

All of these below plugins you can download free from the official WordPress plugin repository

 What do you consider to be the best of the best in WordPress plugins?

Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet Web service to see if they look like spam or not and lets you review the spam it catches under your blog’s “Comments” admin screen.akisment2. MailChimp 

The best  plugin to get more email subscribers. Easily add MailChimp sign-up forms and sign-up checkboxes to your WordPress site.
3.Contact Form 7
Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup.
4.WordPress SEO by Yoast
Write better content and have a fully optimized WordPress site using this plugin.
seo by yoast
5.W3 Total Cache
The only WordPress Performance Optimization framework; designed to improve user experience and page speed.
6.WPtouch Mobile Plugin
WPtouch is a mobile plugin for WordPress that automatically enables a simple and elegant mobile theme for mobile visitors of your WordPress website.

WPtouch Mobile Plugin
7.iThemes Security
iThemes Security gives you over 30+ ways to secure and protect your WordPress site. On average, 30,000 new websites are hacked each day. WordPress sites can be an easy target for attacks because of plugin vulnerabilities, weak passwords and obsolete software.
Ithemes Security
8.NextGEN Gallery
The most popular WordPress gallery plugin and one of the most popular plugins of all time with over 12 million downloads.
nextGEN Gallery
The easiest, most effective way to grow your website traffic, effectively engage your audience, monetize, and gain insights for free.shareaholic
10.Google Analyticator
Google Analyticator adds the necessary JavaScript code to enable Google Analytics logging on any WordPress blog. This eliminates the need to edit your template code to begin logging. Google Analyticator also includes several widgets for displaying Analytics data in the admin and on your blog.
Google Analyticator


DIY Makeup Storage Ideas

DIY-Makeup-Storage- Ideas

Hi chic girls! Are you limited in storage space in the bathroom and you looking for easy ways to keep your makeup organized? And you always struggled with finding favorite shade of lipstick when you need it? If your answer is yes, you are in the right place! 

Organization takes time, but when you get into the habit of it, life becomes so much easier. Here are some amazing chic and easy DIY makeup storage ideas that will help you get organized and avoid being late every time.

Beauty Box

DIY-Makeup-Storage- Ideas

DIY-Makeup-Storage- Ideas 1


DIY-Makeup-Storage- Ideas 2
Glass top table
DIY-Makeup-Storage- Ideas 3

Make-up Magnet Board
DIY-Makeup-Storage- Ideas 4
DIY glitter mason jars
DIY-Makeup-Storage- Ideas 5

Brush Holders

DIY-Makeup-Storage-Ideas 6DIY-Makeup-Storage- Ideas7
DIY-Makeup-Storage- Ideas 8

20 Chic Spring Outfits



Hi chic girls! Looking for fashion inspiration? You are in the right place at the right time 🙂
Spring is definitely coming with some great fashion trends. A good year needs to be welcomed in style.
Chic style.Your unique style.There are going to be a lot of fashion trends this spring,like fringe,flared jeans inspired by 70’s style icons,boho chic maxi dresses,jumpsuits,printed sneakers,shirt dresses are the essential items you need for a chic year ahead.I personally love casual everyday look,comfy & chic.Like leather jacket and ripped jeans,scarf and printed sneakers.What do you like? I would love to hear!

Street chic style is extremely hot, I hope you’ll find some stunning ideas below.

my chic adventure
20-Chic-Spring-Outfits-2015.720-Chic-Spring-Outfits-2015.620-Chic-Spring-Outfits-2015.820-Chic-Spring-Outfits-2015 520-Chic-Spring-Outfits-2015 1020-Chic-Spring-Outfits-2015.1120-Chic-Spring-Outfits-2015.1320-Chic-Spring-Outfits-2015.1520-Chic-Spring-Outfits-2015.1620-Chic-Spring-Outfits-2015.18CHIC-OUTFIT-SPRINGstreet-style-spring-outfits
Vogue.com · Harper’s Bazaar · Style.com

10 Creative DIY Easter Wreath Ideas



creative-diy-easter-wreath-ideas 4

Spring is here,sun is shining, the weather is sweet ,Easter is coming perfect time for DIY projects.I love it all!
I really enjoy decorating our home for this time of the year,brighten up indoors and out with fresh flowers and colorful Easter wreath.So chic crafters spruce up your porch and bring spring’s cheerful mood, light and joy.
Try one of these amazing 10 Creative DIY Easter Wreath Ideas projects from our favorite craft bloggers.I hope these  ideas can inspire you to have an even more special Easter this year!

Yarn Egg Wreath -plastic eggs, yarns in different colors so cute!

Maui Blue Wreath -This is something that I definitely want to try to make.I love it when I come across something so different and unique. This is really incredible and creative. Love this.


creative-diy-easter-wreath-ideas 1

Robin’s Eggs Wreath – source

Washi Tape Wreath – Washi tape comes in every color and pattern you can imagine,it’s an incredibly useful tool for DIY projects around the home.
Spools of Thread Wreath
creative-diy-easter-wreath-ideas 6
Easter Bunny Wreath -you can’t have Easter without bunny
creative-diy-easter-wreath-ideas 7
Carrot Wreath – where is bunny there is carrot! Great idea!
creative-storage-ideas 9
Easter Egg Hunt Wreath – source
creative-diy-easter-wreath-ideas 10

Ruffled Muslin Wreath – This would be great for shabby chic home!


Forsythia Wreath – Last Minute Easter Wreath

The Long Bob

Hair-Inspiration-Long-Bob -2015

Hair-Inspiration-Long-Bob 7


Bob hairstyles are definitely making one huge comeback for 2015.Cut a little below the shoulder, the long bob is the must-have haircut this season. It’s a classic haircut that will truly never go out of style.
Celebrities like Jessica Alba,Alexa Chung,Olivia Palermo have all been spotted wearing the versatile, stylish chic look this year.

Take style inspiration from the most fabulous celebrity bob hairstyles,this season might just be the perfect time to embrace a super-chic new hairstyle, don’t you think?
Hair-Inspiration-Long-Bob 2Long-Bob-Hairstyles-2015-makeoversLong-Bob-Hairstyles-2015Hair-Inspiration-Long-Bob -2015Hair-Inspiration-Long-Bob-2015Hair-Inspiration-Long-Bob. 10Hair-Inspiration-Long-Bob 11
                                                 images via Pinterest 

Boho Chic


Hello chic girls! Since spring is just around the corner  today’s style inspiration is very unique look Boho Chic. While trends come and go, a few styles are timeless and will always be IN. Boho chic is just one of those trends that never go out of style.

With bohemian and hippie influences,boho chic is is all about looking individual and natural. Style icons Kate Moss and Sienna Miller are the queens of boho style!
The idea is to make it appear natural – curly hair,braids,splashes of colors,skirts,boots with legwarmers,nature-inspired jewelry…….the most important part of all is accessories! 

Everything you need for perfect boho chic outfit you can find at ModCloth Boho Fashion. Soo Chic!

   Style Inspiration




boho chic style inspiration boho-chic-style
Sienna Miller is bohemian perfection – women who have had an influence on bohemian style in recent years.Kate-moss-boho-style                                              Boho Queen Kate Moss

boho-chic-outfitboho-chic-outfit 1boho chic style 1

boho chic style 1

boho-chic-crop-top-fashionboho chic style fashion

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