Chic Bookshelves Ideas

Minimalist Modern Bookshelf

Books! I love books :)Books on the creative bookshelves!?Perfection! Here on My chic adventure I try to find things that will inspire you. Give you creative ideas,inspire you and make your dream home unique 🙂

Your book collection says a lot about you and your personality, so why shouldn’t your book shelf do the same? Make your home a better place to live, by adding a beautiful, bookshelf. Today I found 20 the brilliant and creative bookshelves for stylish readers. Which one would you put at your house?

#Creative and unique Clock Bookshelf

Unique Book Shelves Idea


#White minimalistic and modern bookshelf

Minimalist Modern Bookshelf#Has been read will be read bookshelf….MY FAVORITE. Typographic Bookshelf

Typographi Bookshelf


#Bring some balance into your home with Yin Yang Bookshelf

yin yang bookshelf


Polka Dot Pencil Skirt

high waist polka dot pencil skirt

pencil polkadots skirt

Charming,lovely and elegant….

One of my favorite patterns polka dots. As you can see I even have it on my logo :)There is nothing like a chic polka dot long stretchy pencil skirts with good blouse.You can wear it at work or casual.

high waist polka dot pencil skirt


Navy and White

Polka pencil skirts within the navy and white color scheme is good way to style your skirt With a pair of navy ballet flats you will have a perfect flirty and fun outfit.

Accessorize with simple DIY pearl necklace or thick gold chain ….

pearl necklace diy

Play with Color

The combination of navy and white,black or red blouse, V-neck sweater. Stand out and mix it don’t be afraid to pair with another patterned pieces for an eclectic and chic look.Mixing prints can be fun,it can look pretty fantastic.


I found beautiful polka dot skirt for you chic girls! You can wear it with black leather jacket and white sweater…..or even better idea is to DIY,like i’m planinnig to to and it’s actually very easy,it takes 10-15 min….i will show you in MY DIY….step by step tutorial…..So stay tuned.

Hairstyle Tutorials For Every Day In The Week

easy to do bun

Hello Chic girls 🙂

I don’t know about you,but  during the week I always ask myself do I have to wash my hair today? Can I make a hairstyle that looks nice by myself, although my hair is not washed, is hard to go to hairdresser every time,or simply don’t have time for that.

So I spent some time looking for hairstyles tutorials that are super easy thanks to the simple step by step guide.I find an attractive and casual hairstyle for everyday or a special occasion.

Here some super easy  hairstyles tutorials  for every day in the week !

Monday Chic

hair tutorials


Tuesday easy to do bun! This is my favorite…

easy to do bun

Wednesday romantic,soft and touchable…

soft touchable hair tutorial

Happy Tuesday 🙂 for me the day that I go out with my girls! Beautiful bow hairstyle..

beautiful bow hairstyle

Friday Night…elegant vintage hairstyle achieved in 5-10 minutes…

elegant vintage hairstyle


 Saturday Night Fever cool bow…

cool bow hair


 Lazy and and relaxing Sunday…

beautiful hair

What about you? Do you have your favorite hair style? Do you have any requests for future hair tutorials?





7 Ideas How To Refresh Your Home Atmosphere With Stripes !

Hello creative people 🙂
Are you tired of pure white walls in the living room and dining room? Don’t worry!Here are some ideas to get you started refreshing your home!
Buy a striped wallpaper
Buy a striped wallpaper and glue them only on the one wall, part of a wall or a support pillar.Select a bigger wall or possibly two smaller and glue them with striped wallpaper.The walls in the room are one of the main elements that determine the identity and style of the living room. I adore strips,thay always look good on the walls, whether it is a living room or bedroom, bathroom or hall.
Green and White
Do it yourself
If you are skilled enough to do all the work by yourself, including painting that can be considerably cheaper.Prepare a couple of rolls of paper tape in different widths, meter, graphite pencil, roller painting and, of course, color 🙂
Choose the right colors 
If you want a living room such as one on the front pages of the magazine,than  black and white combination is right choice for you.I love the details, such as paintings, souvenirs from travels, so this is too much for me J but,I think that the right mouse fits easily into any interior, so you will not go wrong with whatever you decide.
Get inspired by these 7 color combinations I have founded for you to refresh  your  living room with stripes.

Do You Like Shabby Chic Style ?


In a style that is popularly called the shabby chicbest defined as retro vintage style dominated by white, gray and pastel shades, and neutral tones. The word “shabby” refers to the wear, damage, or simply the signs of aging things, but also a kind of mediocre quality, “chic” means that  shabby, old and mediocre things are in step with the trend – but in a sophisticated and stylish way.

In recent years shabby chic, has gained many admirers, especially among those who love aesthetic minimalism. Restoration of old cases is becoming increasingly popular, and white colors are easy to fit anywhere.

If you like an authentic ambience with a special fluid, then theshabby chic style is right for you. Today Chabby chic is one of the most popular styles in the world. Unobtrusive elegance, harmony, romance, convenience and comfort are the main features of this style, known as “shabby chic”.

This lovely  style allows recycled colors of paint, but in soft, pastel shades, usually the color of flour, ivory, soft gray, blue, green or pink tones. The main characteristic of this romantic style is aged and distressed furnitureDecorative boxes,flower pots and saucers and plates are just a small part of what is looks fantastic in the shabby chic style. More attractive the larger pieces such as tables, chest of drawers and a cupboard, turning  your home into a romantic haven.

Comfortable sofas, linen and cotton, “crystal” chandeliers and lamps, rich drapes and floral drapes, old oil paintings, floral motifs (usually roses or peonies), that’s what this way of decoration makes a romantic, rustic and a bit nostalgic.

From antique to modern, from the rustic to the glamor … all contained in the “shabby” style, perfect for those who constantly search for inspiration. Shabby Chic  style you can see mostly around seaside homes.

Do you like this romantically inspired style?








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