Hello Chic girls 🙂

I don’t know about you,but  during the week I always ask myself do I have to wash my hair today? Can I make a hairstyle that looks nice by myself, although my hair is not washed, is hard to go to hairdresser every time,or simply don’t have time for that.

So I spent some time looking for hairstyles tutorials that are super easy thanks to the simple step by step guide.I find an attractive and casual hairstyle for everyday or a special occasion.

Here some super easy  hairstyles tutorials  for every day in the week !

Monday Chic

hair tutorials


Tuesday easy to do bun! This is my favorite…

easy to do bun

Wednesday romantic,soft and touchable…

soft touchable hair tutorial

Happy Tuesday 🙂 for me the day that I go out with my girls! Beautiful bow hairstyle..

beautiful bow hairstyle

Friday Night…elegant vintage hairstyle achieved in 5-10 minutes…

elegant vintage hairstyle


 Saturday Night Fever cool bow…

cool bow hair


 Lazy and and relaxing Sunday…

beautiful hair

What about you? Do you have your favorite hair style? Do you have any requests for future hair tutorials?





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