DIY- Comic Strip Midi Skirt

DIY SKIRT diy midi skirtdiy midi pop art skirtdiy skirt easy comic strip midi skirt diycomic skirt outfitI really like this pop art comic strip fabric,so I have finally decided to sew a midi high-waisted skirt. Super simple skirt can be made in 15 minutes. All you need is fabric,elastic and basic sewing tools.No paper pattern is required! 

What you need:


fabric(depending on the size of the skirt)

Piece of soft elastic( at least 1″ wide and long enough to fit around your waist)

tape measure

sewing machine

What to do:

The first step is to take measurements(the distance around your waist, and the total length of the skirt)

Cut your fabric and elastic(cut 2 large rectangular pieces of fabric,elastic band to be the length of your waist)

Sew the side seams.

Divide your elastic and skirt waist into 4 equal parts; mark with pins.While stitching, you will need to slightly stretch the elastic to meet the skirt marking.(stitching directly on top of the elastic,be sure to match thread  to elastic)

Happy Crafting!



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