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13 Chic Boho Hairstyles Must Try This Summer

20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer

Hi boho chic girls!

Need some hair inspiration?
Are you the type of girl who loves boho chic hairstyle messy,perfect boho updo,lovely brides or boho ponytail with fishtail braid? Must try all this summer!
Festival season is in full swing, as is summer with bohemian and hippie influences,boho chic is is all about looking individual and natural. Boho hairstyle is so romantic and trendy perfect for hottest season.

To give you an idea of what styles work best for the hottest season we prepare 13 Chic Boho Hairstyles Must Try This Summer for relaxed and bohemian look!

Crown braid with pony

image source

20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer

Messy braid

20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer 2

Gorgeous boho side braid.

20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer 3

Braids and Waves – perfect festival hair!

20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer 4

Boho Chic

20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer 5

Awesome boho undercut design

20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer 6

Boho feathers

20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer 7

Braided hair crown with delicate floral vines

20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer 8

image source

Accessorize Your Braid

20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer 920-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer 10

Festival boho hairstyle

20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer 11

20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer 13

Short hair and brides

20-Chic- Boho-Hairstyles-Must-Try-This-Summer 14

image source

Chic Beach Hairstyles

chic summer hair

Hi Chic girls! Today I will share with you some of my favourite hairstyles for summer. There are so many perfect hairstyles for the beach. From messy bun or two loose braids,a low side ponytail with loose curls,to a messy high ponytail!

For a beachy waves,you can sleep with the braids overnight. In the morning undo them and you will end up with beautiful beachy waves!

Also headbands and jeweled hair accessories also give a chic look to any hairstyle! My favorite hairstyle for summer is a messy bun. It cools you down and looks cute and chic at the same time.I also love to wear my hair down and straight with a cute hat. What is your favorite summer hairstyle?

chic summer hair

image via fashionisers

Perfect Hairstyles To Wear To The Beachi

image via kumbuya

perfect summer hair

image via byrdie

Chic Hairstyles Perfect For The Beach

image via laurenconrad

chic hairstyle for going to a beach messy buns hairstyle for a beach

image via hairstylepedia

10 Chic Hairstyles Perfect For The Beach

image via pinterest

Perfect Hairstyles To Wear To The Beach

chic beach hairstyles

image via artsymphony

 Beach Hairstyles Beach Hairstyles

beach_hairstyle_ideas 2beach_hairstyle_ideas 2beach_hairstyle_ideas 5


10 Chic Braided Hairstyles

10_ Chic_ Braided_ Hairstyles

Looking for gorgeous and chic braided hairstyle for for your next special occasion or everyday look? 

Braids will make your  hairstyle look romantic and fashionable, and it can be a great savior for your bad hair days when you want a quick and beautiful hairstyle.

With these 10  braid tutorials, you’ll have a braid for every occasion!
be inspired

10_ Chic_ Braided_ Hairstyles

10_ Chic_ Braided_ Hairstyles.1
10_ Chic_ Braided_ Hairstyles.2
#4 Half-up fishtail
10_ Chic_ Braided_ Hairstyles.4
#5 Simple Fishtail Braid
10_ Chic_ Braided_ Hairstyles5
10_ Chic_ Braided_ Hairstyles 6
#7 Front Row Braid

10_ Chic_ Braided_ Hairstyles 7
#8 Heart Braided Hairstyle
0_ Chic_ Braided_ Hairstyles. 8
#9 Romantic Braided Updo

10_ Chic_ Braided_ Hairstyles 9
#10 Twisty Buns
10_ Chic_ Braided_ Hairstyles. 10


5 Hairstyles for Dirty Hair


Did you know that greasy hair is actually the best hair base to use for chic up styles?

Well the truth is we don’t always have the time to wash our hair. Dirty hair is good for one thing, at least. It’s amazing for creating trendy hairstyles.

Freshly washed squeaky clean hair is not the easiest to work with,it is soft and styles can fall out of it easily.So relax and give your hair a day off and  and just try these quick and easy hairstyles.
Here are some great hairstyles you can make second-day hair look totally chic in less than ten minutes.


1.The Braid – For Long Hair with Bangs

This style is great for girls with long hair of any type or texture.
Braids were made for dirty hair. The texture holds perfectly – if your hair isn’t dirty, it’s too soft to hold it. Just wash your bangs and you’ll get super hot dirty hair look.dirty-hair-braided-hairstyles
2.Messy Ponytail

This super cute style is as easy as it gets.

Love this pony for everyday look and even for the party.
Add some add some texture powder,follow this steps and you’ll get some super chic ponytail.
hairstyles-for-dirty-hair 2

Messy Bun

Messy bun is definitely my favorite hairstyle for dirty hair.I recommend this to anyone with oily hair or normal hair,If you have super oily hair spray a thin layer of dry shampoo at your roots and work it in with your fingers. I don’t wash my hair every day, so dry shampoo is my savior!
hairstyles-for-dirty-hair 3


This is a perfect hairstyle for dirty hair because unwashed strands hold curls longer than squeaky-clean ones.
hairstyles-for-dirty-hair 4
image via
be inspired

The Long Bob

Hair-Inspiration-Long-Bob -2015

Hair-Inspiration-Long-Bob 7


Bob hairstyles are definitely making one huge comeback for 2015.Cut a little below the shoulder, the long bob is the must-have haircut this season. It’s a classic haircut that will truly never go out of style.
Celebrities like Jessica Alba,Alexa Chung,Olivia Palermo have all been spotted wearing the versatile, stylish chic look this year.

Take style inspiration from the most fabulous celebrity bob hairstyles,this season might just be the perfect time to embrace a super-chic new hairstyle, don’t you think?
Hair-Inspiration-Long-Bob 2Long-Bob-Hairstyles-2015-makeoversLong-Bob-Hairstyles-2015Hair-Inspiration-Long-Bob -2015Hair-Inspiration-Long-Bob-2015Hair-Inspiration-Long-Bob. 10Hair-Inspiration-Long-Bob 11
                                                 images via Pinterest 

Chic Party Hairstyles


Chic girls It’s party time and you need the hairstyle that will put you in the chic party mood.There is less than a week to the craziest night of the year.You probably thinking about your look for the New Year’s Eve.I guess you already chose your party dress now is the time to think about perfect hairstyle.

You can choose between braids,curls,side bun,soft waves or some other chic party hairstyles ideas.Get inspired with fantastic hairstyle ideas and step-by-step instructions on how to achieve each hairstyle.







party hairstyle-inspiration


half Up-half down-hairstyle











Must-Try Fall Hairstyles


Looking for the latest hairstyle trends to inspire your next haircut? Fall is perfect time for a hair makeover! You know that the right hair color can give confidence,and make you feel good about yourself and give your self-esteem a boost. I like to think that -“The hair is the richest ornament of women. ” -Martin Luther

So chic girls If you have finally decided to make drastic changes in your hair,this 2014 is a great season for changes. See the best Pinterest hairstyles and and get ideas for your new hair.

Chocolate brown with light brown neutral highlights..Perfect for fall.


Love this brown hair with caramel highlights

fall-hairstyle-must try-ideas

Hot red hair with bangs. Bangs make a great accent on long hair.

Red Hair Color Shade

Medium Short Hair



Braided ponytail -how cute!

braided ponytail fall hairstyle

Gorgeous hair color, love this coppery red.


Dark ombre hair.Must try trend this fall!



Natural honey blonde.Beautiful

natural honey blonde fall hairstyles

Fresh color for fall. Love this color…


Easy Ways to Curl Your Hair


Hi chic girls!The easy ways to curl your hair tutorials I’m going to show you today will enable you to have gorgeous hair every day.

I have naturally straight hair,but i want it to be curly,we all seem to want what we don’t have.Those with curls want straight hair, and those with straight hair just want pretty curls.Hmmmm life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. 🙂 

But, we girls always found solution!There are so many methods of curling your hair – you can use a curling iron, a flat iron, hair rollers, braids or scrunching.Here are 7 easy step-by step tutorials how to curl your hair!

It’s so chic and easy let us know  in the comments below if you tried it!

curl HAIR TUTORIAL source

loose urls tutorials


twist and blow dray

easy ways to curl your hairhow to have curly hair
source curly hair styles diy

Hairstyle Tutorials For Every Day In The Week

easy to do bun

Hello Chic girls 🙂

I don’t know about you,but  during the week I always ask myself do I have to wash my hair today? Can I make a hairstyle that looks nice by myself, although my hair is not washed, is hard to go to hairdresser every time,or simply don’t have time for that.

So I spent some time looking for hairstyles tutorials that are super easy thanks to the simple step by step guide.I find an attractive and casual hairstyle for everyday or a special occasion.

Here some super easy  hairstyles tutorials  for every day in the week !

Monday Chic

hair tutorials


Tuesday easy to do bun! This is my favorite…

easy to do bun

Wednesday romantic,soft and touchable…

soft touchable hair tutorial

Happy Tuesday 🙂 for me the day that I go out with my girls! Beautiful bow hairstyle..

beautiful bow hairstyle

Friday Night…elegant vintage hairstyle achieved in 5-10 minutes…

elegant vintage hairstyle


 Saturday Night Fever cool bow…

cool bow hair


 Lazy and and relaxing Sunday…

beautiful hair

What about you? Do you have your favorite hair style? Do you have any requests for future hair tutorials?





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