Hi chic girls!The easy ways to curl your hair tutorials I’m going to show you today will enable you to have gorgeous hair every day.

I have naturally straight hair,but i want it to be curly,we all seem to want what we don’t have.Those with curls want straight hair, and those with straight hair just want pretty curls.Hmmmm life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. 🙂 

But, we girls always found solution!There are so many methods of curling your hair – you can use a curling iron, a flat iron, hair rollers, braids or scrunching.Here are 7 easy step-by step tutorials how to curl your hair!

It’s so chic and easy let us know  in the comments below if you tried it!

curl HAIR TUTORIAL source

loose urls tutorials


twist and blow dray

easy ways to curl your hairhow to have curly hair
source curly hair styles diy

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