Tribal diy sneakers

DIY Chic Sneakers

Hey chic girls  it’s time for DIY 🙂 Spring is officially here,all you need is be crafty and express your creativity.Make some chic and fun makeovers with your sneakers.A little imagination and some craft techniques is all need, or you can simple visit My Chic Adventure and and get ideas 🙂  Follow the picture tutorial below I found very interesting tutorials for you.

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# Tribal DIY

Tribal diy sneakers

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#Chic Colorful Sneakers

chic colorful diy Sneakers

#Get Sparkly

get sparkly diy

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#DIY Painted Sneakers my favorite 🙂

DIY Painted Sneakers


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#DIY Converse

Diy Converse applying rivets


# Leporad DIY Step by step tutorial

DIY Back to School Leopard Print Sneakers

#DIY Zebra Sneakers

Diy Zebra Sneakersdiy-sneakers-ideas

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