Did you know that greasy hair is actually the best hair base to use for chic up styles?

Well the truth is we don’t always have the time to wash our hair. Dirty hair is good for one thing, at least. It’s amazing for creating trendy hairstyles.

Freshly washed squeaky clean hair is not the easiest to work with,it is soft and styles can fall out of it easily.So relax and give your hair a day off and  and just try these quick and easy hairstyles.
Here are some great hairstyles you can make second-day hair look totally chic in less than ten minutes.


1.The Braid – For Long Hair with Bangs

This style is great for girls with long hair of any type or texture.
Braids were made for dirty hair. The texture holds perfectly – if your hair isn’t dirty, it’s too soft to hold it. Just wash your bangs and you’ll get super hot dirty hair look.dirty-hair-braided-hairstyles
2.Messy Ponytail

This super cute style is as easy as it gets.

Love this pony for everyday look and even for the party.
Add some add some texture powder,follow this steps and you’ll get some super chic ponytail.
hairstyles-for-dirty-hair 2
source/ thebeautydepartment.com

Messy Bun

Messy bun is definitely my favorite hairstyle for dirty hair.I recommend this to anyone with oily hair or normal hair,If you have super oily hair spray a thin layer of dry shampoo at your roots and work it in with your fingers. I don’t wash my hair every day, so dry shampoo is my savior!
hairstyles-for-dirty-hair 3


This is a perfect hairstyle for dirty hair because unwashed strands hold curls longer than squeaky-clean ones.
hairstyles-for-dirty-hair 4
image via barefootblonde.com
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