Now more than ever, packaging design matters. In today’s modern retail market world, you only have one chance to make a first impression. Creating an eye-catching and effective packaging design that will capture consumers attention soon.

Here are 20 Creative Packaging Designs to inspire you for your next design project or just for some new creative and chic ideas.
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#1 Portable food packaging



#2 Adorable juice boxes that fit together

Package-Designs-ideas 2

#3 Colorful chocolate wrappers

Packaging-Designs-ideas 3

#4 Bonbonbon wooden box packaging

#5  Who wants some macaroons now?

Packaging-Designs-ideas 2

#6 Rope‬ ‪‎Packaging‬

Packaging-Designs-ideas 3


#7 Creative Flowers Packaging

Packaging-Designs-ideas 4

#8 Fruit Yogurt Designed by Mika Kañive.

Packaging-Designs-ideas 5


#9 The Icecream that Understands PMS – Packaging Concept


#10 The Salad Jar packaging

Packaging-Designs-ideas 7

#11 Chic Pasta packaging


Packaging-Designs-ideas 9

#12 Hanger Tea packaging

Packaging-Designs-ideas 11

#13 Pistachios Packaging Design

Packaging-Designs-ideas 6

#14 Fitting packaging for a spaghetti brand called NYC. Brilliant packaging design

Packaging-Designs-ideas 12
Alex Creamer

#15 Rustic Beer packaging

Packaging-Designs-ideas 10

#16 Beautiful coffee packaging from Dapper Paper for Slingshot Coffee Co.

Packaging-Designs-ideas 13

#17 Motif Wine amazing packaging design

Packaging-Designs-ideas 15


#18 Chic Picnic packaging

Packaging-Designs-ideas 16

#19 Packaging that pops and stands out – COOK

Packaging-Designs-ideas 18

#20 Pet Food Packaging

Packaging-Designs-ideas 20



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  1. I’m actually majoring in packaging engineering at school, and this was such an interesting read! Sometimes I forget how important packaging really is!

    Stephanie x

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